Pendulum Pet, by Bori Praper
  • Pendulum Pet, by Bori Praper

Pendulum Pet, by Bori Praper

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The second in Praper's Cynicism trilogy, this satire errs on the side of lunacy, and like lunacy has trouble keeping up with its subjects, for what was exaggerated upon the writing of the book--lizard people?--fringe notions spotted in the wilds of the human mind, have become common devolutions of the brain.


This second in the Cynicism trilogy REALLY IS SATIRE. I know you may believe in much of the content of the book, but a recent mental health examination was passed by Bori Praper. "It was not supposed to come true!" he shouted in a recent interview. Well, I console him thusly: not all of it has, and until more than half of the US is insane, there is little hope for the rest of it.

Til then, just leaving the lizards alone, unharmed, is your best bet.

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