The Lift, by Dimitrij Kralj
  • The Lift, by Dimitrij Kralj

The Lift, by Dimitrij Kralj

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Posit: Two men are in an elevator. One is going up, the other down. Does the elevator move?

This brilliant revelatory radio play is redolent of Beckett, though it has not his witty dialogue it has his genius. Imagine post-Beckett finding a short play that elevates your thought,  surprising you at every lack of turn, and disturbs you as the author is relatively unknown. How many others like Kralj are out there?


From Izola, Slovenia, headquarters of corona\samizdat this radio play has emerged through talk about film and elevators. The book has inspired a feature length film called The Elevator Principle, shooting until September, sponsored by ISOSI Productions (ISOSI: The Independent Space Of Slavitalian Istria), directed by Saša Munjiz, starring John Dickson, Rick Harsch (just keep being insane, Rick, it will be fine), and with parts by readers of c\s and local hooligans and tramps.

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