Dear Readers and such,

The United States recently led the charge to eliminate books from what we strangely have been calling 'book rate' post, as they would like all books to be considered merchandise (why can't you send merchandise book rate? After all, books fit the description). Therefore, Slovenia and probably the entire world has been forced to send books at a higher rate. These prices are now reflected on the corona\samizdat shopping cart.

C\S cannot help this, but the press will be seeking ways to alleviate the pain. We won't be raising prices of our books, though I personally have been told that we must, for that is the way of the world of finance and trade. I disagree. I think that there is no need to explain. Eventually, when prices for printing and for envelopes and tape and ink rise to the point where we cannot survive we will have to raise prices. As it is, our business model will remain the same. We publish books, sell them, and use the money earned to print more books. One day this model will earn such a profit for the press that I can pay rent during my retirement. Seems modest? Such setbacks as insane postal hikes make it seem grandiose. But, meantime, I am sitting among c\s books, happily awaiting Finnegan Slept Here, Piran Scratches, a book of drawings by Hungarian all-rounder Veruš Villango, Anatomio del Abismo, a maximalist masterpiece in Spanish by Roberto Segrov of Colombia, and Entre Lunas, also in Spanish, by the bourlinguer of Bogota, Adolfo Villafuerte.

Rick Harsch

monday, 26/9/22

Nick Voro has removed his book, Conversational Therapy from the list of corona\samizdat.