The Odious Post

Behind the deranged power of the US anti-human system of profit over people lies the extraordinary derangement of postal systems, most seriously the absurd and punishing rise in prices. 

Last September books were removed from the category ‘book rate’, and labeled ‘merchandise’, which trebled the price in the best of cases. Now, less than a year later, the postal rates have been raised again.

Our prices within Europe, and especially EU countries have remained fair enough. But for the rest of the world these are the prices:

Up to .5 kilograms=10.50€

Up to 1 kilogram=16.75€

Up to 2 kilograms=26€

As a press the only strategy we can think of is to include free books with orders. For example, if you order America and the Cactus Boots and Oskar Submerges, the price for the books is 28€, for the post it is 26€. As that is absurd and the package has space for over 800 grams. I would recommend you ask for a free copy of David Vardeman’s Suggestion Diabolique, which weighs 306 grams. That leaves room for more. Tape and envelope weigh under 100 grams, so let’s say there are 300 or more grams left. Joao Reis’ Bedraggling Grandma with Russian Snow, weighs 138 grams and Marc Nash’s Death of the Author (in Triplicate), weighs 231. So you can arrange for me (Rick Harsch) to send you three free books.

This kind of deal will be available as long as we survive. Anytime you order from us, if you contact me, we will be able to come to some kind of deal that includes free books, unless you just order one, and even then in most cases a free book can be added.

Thank you,