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Beginning officially today, January 31, and running through til March 1st, everything is on sale, even, if barely, the first book published this year, Tendrilopolis, a short, erotic, illustrated novel by Vesna Radić. We have, including Tendrilopolis, 10 pocket books: An Angel of Sodom, by David Vardeman Skulls of Istria, by Rick Harsch The Driftless […]


Vesna Radić Illustrated by Zachary Tanner With an Introduction by David Vardeman 10€ Note from Rick Harsch, corona\samizdat chief editor This publication of this book is a rare, unrepeatable stroke of luck. In Slovenia writers from a couple dozens countries are making a bare living, mostly not by writing. Yet there is one annual literary […]


Large paperback reproduction of the original hardcover. 540 pp., 23€ Zen and the Art of Buggery by Zachary Tanner “I’m not sure that it’s even fair to ask you to write a foreward, introduction, or whatever, because I would not want to put what I experience with Brossard into words, you know, uh (long drag […]

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