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As the Wolf Howls at My Door, by Chandler Brossard

This Book Kills Fascists! Zachary Tanner “‘I’ll tell you the fundamental difference between me and most people. While everybody else is striving to give their existence purpose, I, on the contrary,’ and he rose up in his chair, ‘am striving to give purpose existence.’” Harry in The Double View Ah, the tube-zonked ‘90s, localized infinity […]

An Angel of Sodom, large print edition

David Vardeman’s short novel, An Angel of Sodom was lifted from the original An Angel of Sodom and stretched into a large print book, corona\samizdat’s first. Check reviews of Vardeman’s works on goodreads, various booktubes, such as Noah Clemons’ Everyone_who_reads_it_must_converse. This particular–and singular–novel is black humor that fails to sustain laughter with its onslaught of […]

A Cirmcumnavigation through Maritime History

Feb4by rickharsch A Circumnaviagion through Maritime History, by Rick Harsch 390 pages, illustrated, 10€ In A Circumnavigation through Maritime History, novelist Rick Harsch makes use of his knowledge of history, maritime and otherwise, along with his storytelling abilities and novelist’s eye for oddities and new angles to create a rambling, at times subversive, history of seafaring. […]

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