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The Appearance of Death to a Hindu Woman

by Rick Harsch THe Appearance of Death to a Hindu Woman, Rick Harsch; appreciation by David Vardeman 10€ pocket book 376 pages A lover story steeped in Tantric philosophy, the notion and need to re-sacralize the mundane, this simple story is a lengthy poetic and philosophical expression of the madness and sanity of love beyond […]

Bedraggling Grandma with Russian Snow

by JOAO REIS Bedraggling Grandma with Russian Snow, by Joao Reis 220 page pocket book, 10€ One of the funniest novels you are likely to read, which you will particularly appreciate if you have the perverse nature of a Beckett lover, or have come across David Vardeman’s books, Bedraggling Grandma is a book of precision […]

Wandering Stone, the Streets of Old Izola, by rick harsch

Designed by Uruguayan-Slovene artist Francisco Tomsich, with 275 black and white photos by the German photographer Henrike von Dewitz, Wandering Stone is a unique tour of an old former island, developed mostly by the Venezians, and only as recent as the 1950s finally ceded by Italy to Yugoslavia, now a part of Slovenia. Izola was […]

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