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Oskar Submerges, by Zachary Tanner

Oskar Submerges, by Zachary Tanner Pocket book, 527 pages, 10€ only Pictured here is the FIRST EDITION with original cover art and typesetting by the Author limited to 150 copies. From the cover letter that failed to find a North American publisher: Oskar Submerges is the first true sea novel ever set on a Jovian […]

The Wolf Leaps, by Chandler Brossard

The Wolf Leaps, by Chandler Brossard (Originally published in 1973 as Did Christ Make Love?) With an introduction by Zachary Tanner and a previously-unpublished 20-year-old foreword by Steven Moore pocket book, 142 pages, 10€ ~~~ Sure, Christ Fucked, but Was He on Top? An Introduction by Zachary Tanner I first read Did Christ Make Love? […]


A play David Vardeman 186 pages pocket book 10€ Letters of thanks concerns a case of supposed witchcraft and demon possession in Boston, 1688.  The incident serves as a prelude to the more famous witch trials of Salem and Andover 4 years later.  The Puritan Minster Cotton Mather, takes into his home a 13 year […]

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