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Critical Reception

“This is the best book I’ve ever read.” James Adler “One of the top five books that I’ve had the pleasure of reading.” Nathan Vetter “David Vardeman’s prose bites. It bites, it claws, scratches and gnaws at our facade of normalcy, at our belief in superiority. It’s fresh. Surprising. It forces us to face the […]


We would like to invite all corona/samizdat readers and fans to feel free to discuss all things important and not. What’s your favorite c/s book so far and why? What buried manuscripts would you like to see exhumed? Are blurbs always convincing or only evincing of some degree of nepotism? Do you judge books by […]

The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas

The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas by Rick Harsch 717 pages20€/18€Shipping: 8.69€ airmail To order, send an email to rick.harsch@gmail.com and let Rick know which books and how many you would like (combined shipping is cheaper), along with your mailing address. “For his magnum opus, Harsch reached into a bag of tricks left in a closet in Brussels […]

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