I invite any contact using email or this site. We don’t accept submissions as we haven’t the staff, but I have to admit that great literature has a certain vibrancy that makes itself known to the right people at the right time some of the time. The reason we don’t accept submissions currently is two-fold: we don’t have the staff, and no one currently with the press wants to be an arbiter any more than is already required by the very establishing of a press. In other words, I have no desire to tell any writer NO. But I haven’t the means to tell every writer yes. If some ambiguity comes across here, that’s good. After all, we do in fact have to have literature to publish. After a year of publishing I have yet to glimpse an outline of a method forming to guide us. What I have seen is this: establishing a press with good will, oriented toward writers as much as readers, has had a sort of beneficent tectonic effect, and the eruptions, convergences, shifts and so on, all literary luck I could ask for, seems to keep emerging. A lot of readers and writers are happier, myself included.

Rick Harsch

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