As the Wolf Howls at My Door, by Chandler Brossard

This Book Kills Fascists! Zachary Tanner “‘I’ll tell you the fundamental difference between me and most people. While everybody else is striving to give their existence purpose, I, on the contrary,’ and he rose up in his chair, ‘am striving to give purpose existence.’” Harry in The Double View Ah, the tube-zonked ‘90s, localized infinity […]

An Angel of Sodom, large print edition

David Vardeman’s short novel, An Angel of Sodom was lifted from the original An Angel of Sodom and stretched into a large print book, corona\samizdat’s first. Check reviews of Vardeman’s works on goodreads, various booktubes, such as Noah Clemons’ Everyone_who_reads_it_must_converse. This particular–and singular–novel is black humor that fails to sustain laughter with its onslaught of […]

A Cirmcumnavigation through Maritime History

Feb4by rickharsch A Circumnaviagion through Maritime History, by Rick Harsch 390 pages, illustrated, 10€ In A Circumnavigation through Maritime History, novelist Rick Harsch makes use of his knowledge of history, maritime and otherwise, along with his storytelling abilities and novelist’s eye for oddities and new angles to create a rambling, at times subversive, history of seafaring. […]


Beginning officially today, January 31, and running through til March 1st, everything is on sale, even, if barely, the first book published this year, Tendrilopolis, a short, erotic, illustrated novel by Vesna Radić. We have, including Tendrilopolis, 10 pocket books: An Angel of Sodom, by David Vardeman Skulls of Istria, by Rick Harsch The Driftless […]


Vesna Radić Illustrated by Zachary Tanner With an Introduction by David Vardeman 10€ Note from Rick Harsch, corona\samizdat chief editor This publication of this book is a rare, unrepeatable stroke of luck. In Slovenia writers from a couple dozens countries are making a bare living, mostly not by writing. Yet there is one annual literary […]


Large paperback reproduction of the original hardcover. 540 pp., 23€ Zen and the Art of Buggery by Zachary Tanner “I’m not sure that it’s even fair to ask you to write a foreward, introduction, or whatever, because I would not want to put what I experience with Brossard into words, you know, uh (long drag […]

The Assassinaton of Olof Palme, an anthological novel, vol. 1 and vol. 2

by Rick Harsch et al. (15€ per volume…348 pages…holmen paper…cover by Jason Snyder, the best in the business; vol. 2 356 pages, cover by same, holmen paper) volume 1 Prologue THE ASSASSINATION OF OLOF PALME, an anthological novel Prologue Despite clear evidence that humans have been a rather grand evolutionary mistake, an oblivial force dwells […]


April is the Cruelest Month and Suddenly, this Summer by David Vardeman 10€ Suddenly, This Summer,243 and April is the Cruelest Month 112 pages This flip book consists of two novels by David Vardeman written ten years apart. Suddenly, this Summer is a dark mystery; April is the Cruelest Month is a dark farce. The […]

Critical Reception

Michael  [Tendrilopolis] was amazing, The spiritual (and sexual) successor to Spanking The Maid, albeit it a much more funny and scintillating gem than Coover’s fantastically lascivious little yarn. Tendrilopolis is a hilarious orgy of wordplay and riposte.  Review by Zachary Tanner Mar 18, 2021This is my favorite book from a magnanimous author who gifted me with […]


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The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas

The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas by Rick Harsch 717 pages20€/18€Shipping: 8.69€ airmail To order, send an email to and let Rick know which books and how many you would like (combined shipping is cheaper), along with your mailing address. “For his magnum opus, Harsch reached into a bag of tricks left in a closet in Brussels […]

Cynicism Management

Cynicism Management by Bori Praper 12€ postage 5.54€ 706 pages A satirical tour through contemporary Europe, from the Orkney Islands, to airport toilets, Slovenia, and, well, either Africa or the Middle East, for two plots are misaligned in the manner that our dystopian modernity manages quite easily. If you have a tattoo on your ass, […]

Raging Joys, Sublime Violations

back from oblivion! CHANDLER BROSSARD! Where’s Kissinger? Good question–turn the book over: There he is, eating a baby. That’s Henry Kissinger. This novel was written in the early 70s by a very outraged novelist, and so I thought it might be helpful to write an introduction for younger readers: HOW TO READ RAGING JOYS, SUBLIME […]

The Driftless Zone

The Driftless Zone by Rick Harsch725 pages16.50€/15€shipping: 5.54 One thing I learned from this trilogy is that satire diffuses meaning without defusing its force. Or not necessarily either. Luckily I was already aware that books are not typically received as they are offered. Yet equally alien were the thoughts of dastardly Christopher Atamian, who gave […]

Skulls of Istria

Summary: “A man sits at a bar in Piran on the Adriatic coast in former Yugoslavia and tells his story to a large man who speaks no English, yet plied by free liquor remains, at times in a drunken sleep, head on the table as the words drift over his skull. This tavern confession is […]

An Angel of Sodom

An Angel of Sodom by David Vardeman 10€/9€ An Angel of Sodom is the title short novel, which is followed by 13 short stories, by David Vardeman, long neglected, long at work, always writing. Now that he is published a unique and frankly indescribeable author has come to haunt the literary milieu with is perverse, […]

The Nonfiction of Rick Harsch

WALK LIKE A DUCK, a season of little league baseball in Italy 646 pages 20€/18€ postage: 8.69€ Perhaps the most unique celebration of the game of baseball ever written, Walk Like a Duck, a Season of Little League Baseball in Italy, is a diary following the 2018 season of the Staranzano Ducks, a team of […]

Unidentified man at left of photo

Let’s insert some ads first, see how that works: How about direct writer performance read: Published September 13, 2020, Jeff Bursey’s latest exploratory novel is a sharp satire set in Atlantic Canada’s seemingly bucolic province, Prince Edward Island… Unidentified man at left of photo 282 pages; 11€/10€ ISBN: 978-961-7036-60-2 ADVANCE PRAISE “Jeff Bursey tries his […]

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