Oskar Submerges, by Zachary Tanner

Oskar Submerges, by Zachary Tanner Pocket book, 527 pages, 10€ only Pictured here is the FIRST EDITION with original cover art and typesetting by the Author limited to 150 copies. From the cover letter that failed to find a North American publisher: Oskar Submerges is the first true sea novel ever set on a Jovian […]

The Wolf Leaps, by Chandler Brossard

The Wolf Leaps, by Chandler Brossard (Originally published in 1973 as Did Christ Make Love?) With an introduction by Zachary Tanner and a previously-unpublished 20-year-old foreword by Steven Moore pocket book, 142 pages, 10€ ~~~ Sure, Christ Fucked, but Was He on Top? An Introduction by Zachary Tanner I first read Did Christ Make Love? […]


A play David Vardeman 186 pages pocket book 10€ Letters of thanks concerns a case of supposed witchcraft and demon possession in Boston, 1688.  The incident serves as a prelude to the more famous witch trials of Salem and Andover 4 years later.  The Puritan Minster Cotton Mather, takes into his home a 13 year […]

The Appearance of Death to a Hindu Woman

by Rick Harsch THe Appearance of Death to a Hindu Woman, Rick Harsch; appreciation by David Vardeman 10€ pocket book 376 pages A lover story steeped in Tantric philosophy, the notion and need to re-sacralize the mundane, this simple story is a lengthy poetic and philosophical expression of the madness and sanity of love beyond […]

Bedraggling Grandma with Russian Snow

by JOAO REIS Bedraggling Grandma with Russian Snow, by Joao Reis 220 page pocket book, 10€ One of the funniest novels you are likely to read, which you will particularly appreciate if you have the perverse nature of a Beckett lover, or have come across David Vardeman’s books, Bedraggling Grandma is a book of precision […]

Wandering Stone, the Streets of Old Izola, by rick harsch

Designed by Uruguayan-Slovene artist Francisco Tomsich, with 275 black and white photos by the German photographer Henrike von Dewitz, Wandering Stone is a unique tour of an old former island, developed mostly by the Venezians, and only as recent as the 1950s finally ceded by Italy to Yugoslavia, now a part of Slovenia. Izola was […]

She Sang to Them, She Sang, by W.D. Clarke

She Sang to Them, She Sang, by W.D. Clarke Pocket book 425 pages 10€ W.D. Clarke’s She Sang for Them, She Sang is a dark comedy of modern greed masquerading as a satire on real estate; or, a commentary on the abstraction of a basic need–shelter–and the way in which its commodification has made it […]

America and the Cult of the Cactus Boots

America and the Cult of the Cactus Boots: a Diagnostic, by Phillip Freedenberg, illustrated by Jeff Walton 578 pages. 20€ First response from a reader/reviewer of note: “Written and illustrated during the final months of the Trump presidency, America and the Cult of the Cactus Boots: A Diagnostic transmogrifies that bizarre period into a dystopian fantasy about […]

Future Releases

later this year: World Edition, pocket size, of the continuation of Roberto Arlt’s The Seven Madmen, this is the first and only translation of the second half of what is meant to be a single novel. In the US both ‘halves’ are available from River Boat Books. 10€ pocket size, approximately 400 pages. Letters of […]


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As the Wolf Howls at My Door, by Chandler Brossard

This Book Kills Fascists! Zachary Tanner “‘I’ll tell you the fundamental difference between me and most people. While everybody else is striving to give their existence purpose, I, on the contrary,’ and he rose up in his chair, ‘am striving to give purpose existence.’” Harry in The Double View Ah, the tube-zonked ‘90s, localized infinity […]

An Angel of Sodom, large print edition

David Vardeman’s short novel, An Angel of Sodom was lifted from the original An Angel of Sodom and stretched into a large print book, corona\samizdat’s first. Check reviews of Vardeman’s works on goodreads, various booktubes, such as Noah Clemons’ Everyone_who_reads_it_must_converse. This particular–and singular–novel is black humor that fails to sustain laughter with its onslaught of […]

A Cirmcumnavigation through Maritime History

Feb4by rickharsch A Circumnaviagion through Maritime History, by Rick Harsch 390 pages, illustrated, 10€ In A Circumnavigation through Maritime History, novelist Rick Harsch makes use of his knowledge of history, maritime and otherwise, along with his storytelling abilities and novelist’s eye for oddities and new angles to create a rambling, at times subversive, history of seafaring. […]


Vesna Radić Illustrated by Zachary Tanner With an Introduction by David Vardeman 10€ Note from Rick Harsch, corona\samizdat chief editor This publication of this book is a rare, unrepeatable stroke of luck. In Slovenia writers from a couple dozens countries are making a bare living, mostly not by writing. Yet there is one annual literary […]


Large paperback reproduction of the original hardcover. 540 pp., 23€ Zen and the Art of Buggery by Zachary Tanner “I’m not sure that it’s even fair to ask you to write a foreward, introduction, or whatever, because I would not want to put what I experience with Brossard into words, you know, uh (long drag […]

The Assassinaton of Olof Palme, an anthological novel, vol. 1 and vol. 2

by Rick Harsch et al. (15€ per volume…348 pages…holmen paper…cover by Jason Snyder, the best in the business; vol. 2 356 pages, cover by same, holmen paper) volume 1 Prologue THE ASSASSINATION OF OLOF PALME, an anthological novel Prologue Despite clear evidence that humans have been a rather grand evolutionary mistake, an oblivial force dwells […]


April is the Cruelest Month and Suddenly, this Summer by David Vardeman 10€ Suddenly, This Summer,243 and April is the Cruelest Month 112 pages This flip book consists of two novels by David Vardeman written ten years apart. Suddenly, this Summer is a dark mystery; April is the Cruelest Month is a dark farce. The […]

Critical Reception

“The final section of Appearance is transcendant and transforming, insomuch that this recalls personal parallels of emotional states long buried to reveal recognitions of what youthful and vital longings once dormant, now revealed to a man face to face with the youth he was. I had a lot of fun with this book – a […]

Cynicism Management

Cynicism Management by Bori Praper 12€ postage 5.54€ 706 pages A satirical tour through contemporary Europe, from the Orkney Islands, to airport toilets, Slovenia, and, well, either Africa or the Middle East, for two plots are misaligned in the manner that our dystopian modernity manages quite easily. If you have a tattoo on your ass, […]


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