corona/samizdat is a small, non-profit literary press, inaugurated in April 2020, that specializes in inexpensive high-quality pocket books and occasionally larger paperbacks by writers who we feel need publishing. Some have been unlucky, some have been out of print, some are publishing for the first time. Writing now, near the anniversary of a very successful first year, what seems apparent is that there is great hunger for new works, new authors, old works dismissed too early, experiments, and, of course, surprises. This is a testament to the nature of literature and something that abides in abundance in the human despite all, as Beckett might say, more than anything remarkable that we have done. In fact, I (RH) am quite aware that our press is one of very many small presses dedicated to bringing out great writers–see Kaya Press and Betimes Books, to name just two. As long as the hunger remains, there is room for more of us.

Our press is a non-profit družbo, which is a Slovene sort of, in this case, cultural organisation: our moniker in Slovenia is, in the short version, Kulturno družbo Tzara, under which corona\samizdat publishes.

Until we manage to upgrade technologically, we are at the mercy of paypal, which we use at rick.harsch@gmail.com and http://www.coronasamizdat.com. We are working toward establishing an more inviting purchasing apparatus that will include a shopping cart.

Chief editor: Rick Harsch, author of numerous novels, including The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas, Voices After Evelyn, Skulls of Istria, and The Driftless Trilogy.

Contact Rick at rick.harsch@gmail.com

+386 5 40 788 855