Campanile of Voličina, a small Slovene town near Maribor

corona/samizdat is a small literary press, inaugurated in distress in April 2020, that specializes in inexpensive yet high-quality pocket books by writers who deserve to be published by larger presses and receive more recognition than they have thus far.

c/s is a small press in Izola, Slovenia

Until we manage to upgrade technologically, we are at the mercy of paypal, which we use at rick.harsch@gmail.com. corona\samizdat is non-profit, dividing all spoils between writers, generally at 25%; the rest of the swag goes for printing the next books and some to Amalietti&Amalietti when they arrange the typesetting and/or covers. As paypal charges someone for the transaction, try to be sure we get charged and not you, the customer, because it isn’t your fault we don’t have virtual shopping carts (and when we do they will be shaped like eggs and have only two wheels).

Chief editor: Rick Harsch, author of numerous novels, including The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas, Voices After Evelyn, Skulls of Istria, and The Driftless Trilogy.

Contact Rick at rick.harsch@gmail.com

+386 5 40 788 855