Large format, 310 pages, 20€

This is a book requiring many introductions. Please see The Seven Madmen by Arlt before asking further questions. There. Now you have more questions than you realize. Arlt helps by providing an introduction. Larry Riley translated this, and all translators write introductions, so Larry has one as well. I wrote three. One, to counter the usual claptrap redounding to Arltonian publishing hijinks and/or nonsense, another to counter the Cortazar demi-crapslap in the NYRB version, and a third asking whether or not The Seven Madmen must be read in order that one may read The Flamethrowers. (The answer is of course not: READ AWAY!!!!! The other answer is of course it’s better to read both, and read them repeatedly. This book–The Seven Madmen/The Flamethrowers–is one of the most beloved books written south of the Red River during the 20th Century.)

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