Future Releases

American and the Cult of the Cactus Boots, by Phillip Freedenberg, illustrated by Jeff Walton


Available now through pre-order (rick.harsch@gmail.com) for 25€ including postage, signed copy, ‘rare artefacts unique to each publication’ ordered in the US and Canada.

later in May:

Wandering Stone, the Streets of Old Izola

A novelist’s ramblings through an old Venezian town, formerly an island. Pictures by Henrike von Dewitz, design by Francisco Tomsich.

10€, approximately 180 pages, pocketbook

A novel by Canadian author W.D. Clarke, author of the remarkable White Mythology.

10€, approximately 400 pages, pocketbook

World Edition, pocket size, of the continuation of Roberto Arlt’s The Seven Madmen, this is the first and only translation of the second half of what is meant to be a single novel. In the US both ‘halves’ are available from River Boat Books.

10€ pocket size, approximately 400 pages.

Letters of Thanks from Hell, a play by David Vardeman.

10€ pocketbook

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