Beginning officially today, January 31, and running through til March 1st, everything is on sale, even, if barely, the first book published this year, Tendrilopolis, a short, erotic, illustrated novel by Vesna Radić.

We have, including Tendrilopolis, 10 pocket books:

An Angel of Sodom, by David Vardeman

Skulls of Istria, by Rick Harsch

The Driftless Trilogy, by Rick Harsch

Cynicism Management, by Bori Praper

Sea Above, Sun Below, by George Salis

Unidentified man at left of photo, by Jeff Bursey

Raging Joys, Sublime Violations, by Chandler Brossard

The Vardeman Flip Book (two novels, starting either side: Suddenly, this Summer; April is the Cruelest Month

Arjun and the Good Snake, being an ophidiological account of six weeks in India without drinking


and we have four big books:

The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas, by Rick Harsch

Walk Like a Duck, a season of little league baseball in Italy, by Rick Harsch

Wake Up. We’re Almost There, by Chandler Brossard

and The Assassination of Olof Palme, vol. 1 of 2, and anthological novel by Rick Harsch et al.

The big books average 20€ (Brossard is 23 and Olof is 17); the pocket books are mostly 10€, exceptions being Cynicism Management (12€), and The Driftless Trilogy (16.50).

The February sale is designed to please anyone interested in corona\samizdat books. So, first of all, anyone who buys 2 big books gets any of last year’s nine pocket books free. Of course in some cases the postal fee will rise, but not all–depends on the pocket book and big book combo as well.

Anyone who buys any of the four big books, but just one, gets any pocket book half price.

The pocket book deal is any three for 20€, which works out to something like buy two get one free.

And then we have the mini pack: Skulls, Raging Joys, and Tendrilopolous weigh so little and are so damn cute together, they will cost 15€ plus 5.49€ post or less. Ironically, for these are among the most hard-hitting of c\s books. Skulls, a dark tavern confession novel more or less about history, especially Balkan history and 20th century opposition to fascism. Raging Joys is a mocking, genitalized, assault on the nerve center of the US’s Vietnam War Machine. Tendrilopolous is an epistolary display of sexual savagery written over a sodden corpse.

You can read more on all corona\samizdat books on our various posts.

If none of these sales fits your needs, make an offer, negotiate, write to rick.harsch@gmail.com. In fact, that’s the way to initiate any deal. We are still young and using paypal, but eager enough to mail promptly.

Here’s a quick example:

Dear Rick,

I would really like the mini pak and Olof Palme, but it seems to me that after paying 15€ for those three books, I shouldn’t have to pay 17€ for Olof Palme, which is not even half a book.


Dear Sarah,



Dear Rick,

Okay what?


Dear Sarah,

Did someone put you up to this?



What difference does it make?



So what do you want to pay?


15 for the mini pak and 11 for Olof.



15 plus 12,



Deal. What’s the postage?



The postage is the extra you pay to have the books mailed to you.


How much for the postage, asshole.


Dear Sarah

I think 9.27€

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