1. I have read the work in manuscript with the possibility of writing an introduction and can confirm that it is white hot.


    1. The machine say checkmark: comment approved, so it is out of my hands. Indeed, David Vardeman was our choice for writer of introduction: we’ve been really lucky so far with our intro choices, I figured D Vardeman would provide the right balance where it may not be needed but will at the very least calm the reader, who has already scanned all the illustrations by a lady of fashion.


  2. Dear Rick, Is there going to be a blurb on the final half of Assassination of Palme?
    Dear Oloof,
    Yes. Want to see it?

    “Most Americans have this sense of exceptionalism and when it comes to foreign affairs or diplomacy that we are always on the side of good. If you asked them about the CIA they tend to nod their heads approvingly but if you asked them about the fascist European stay behind armies set up by the CIA post WWII they wouldn’t know what you were talking about. Living in Slovenia ex-pat Wisconsinite Rick Harsch has constant reminders surrounding him–the memorials and abandoned arms dumps and fascist monuments that puts the lies to some of our most cherished notions about ourselves and of course he’s not at all afraid to speak or write about these things. Rick Harsch here is our Dario Fo in these books on Palme—like Fo in his dramatic works these Palme books are a living, breathing thing meant to bring truth to light and adaptable to new information as it comes. Remember Olof Palme. Remember Giuseppe Pinelli.”
    –Larry Riley, Elmira, NY, husband to Mae, first English translator of Roberto Arlt’s The Flamethrowers


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