We would like to invite all corona/samizdat readers and fans to feel free to discuss all things important and not.

  • What’s your favorite c/s book so far and why?
  • What buried manuscripts would you like to see exhumed?
  • Are blurbs always convincing or only evincing of some degree of nepotism?
  • Do you judge books by their cover? spine? author? publisher? size? font? typo ratio?
  • How many pocketbooks can you fit in one pocket? How many pockets can you fit in one book?
  • Do you enjoy looking up words or do foreign ones offend your eyes?

Comment below! May your voice be heard!


  1. I love the next corona\samizdat blurb, for David Vardeman’s flip book: it will be on both sides, a couple lines from a review on goodreads, attributed to Mike Kuehn, Sheboygan Falls. That’s very much in the spirit of what I want corona\samizdat to be.


  2. We finally got our first, not acutal complaint…but our first mention of how small our fonts sometimes must be. The Driftless Trilogy was singled out. And Bursey’s Unidentified man at left of photo was mentioned. I am thinking of trying to solve this by paying a bit more for off-white paper that should make it easier on the eyes.


  3. Excerpt from upcoming volume 1 of The Assassination of Olof Palme, an anthological novel, by Rick Harsch and at least 70 other authors:

    Report in from Government Guy
    Mitrione was a small town Indiana police chief who was first recruited by the FBI and then filched from them by the CIA who sent him to two/three Latin American countries [starting in 1959, the year you were born, as this is an autobiographical novel] and one of the things he did was train police and military personnel and because of the numerous freedom fighting movements in the region and the United States predilection for supporting right wing dictatorships that training morphed into teaching interrogation techniques and then into torture. In Uruguay which was his last station and where he died–he was training police and military–they were grabbing homeless people off the streets and torturing them with the picata–or the cattle prod. They’d tie them down to a metal frame–douse them in water and go at their genitals, mouths, eyes–or more tender spots on their bodies. The homeless were their guinea pigs–the idea was that no one cared about them and no one would look for them afterwards and they didn’t want these people telling stories so they killed them. The main resistance was the Tupac Amaru’s–when they actually captured one of them people knew they had them……the thing that happened though was Mitrione was living on his own in this housing compound that was pretty much for foreign diplomats etc. and the Tupac’s kidnapped him not knowing anything about him other than he was an American. He was being passed back and forth between two or three cells and the reason they killed him is because they were being closed in on and a signal from one cell to another was missed. There was a tape of an interrogation between Mitrione and his captors and Mitrione is trying to get them to let him go–he talks about his family, kids, I’m just a regular guy, blah, blah, blah. They had no idea who he was until after he died. Then it turned into kind of an event. Nixon went ballistic–the body went back to Indiana and Sinatra and Jerry Lewis put on a show.

    Ooh, that tingles—hey turn it down, man
    What’s that dr. grey, a vibrator?
    Shit man that’s electricity!
    Shit man, those are my balls!
    Shit man—that’s the tip of my penis!
    Got to be kidding: my nostrils?
    I can feel it in my brain was the last thing he said, and blood suddenly was gushing all over and you could see they were squeamish too but the one guy who laughed at them they took an hour to knock out all his teeth and then they went for his eyes, two guys with mitts like boxers holding his head they were either going to squeeze it like a melon or the eyes would melt, what a smell.
    The scary guy, that skinny guy, maybe because with me they started on my ears and then it was hours before they returned to me, but I swear the guy who was most angry he said to him well why don’t you take your turtle and duct tape it to the side of your face if you’re so flaccid.
    Yeah she’s my lady, dr. gray, why—hey!
    Those are her nipples, man.
    Cabron(?)! not down there man!
    Stop doctor—
    She stopped screaming.
    She’s not moving!
    He’s still doing it!
    Look at her labia like shivering!
    Doctor I think she’s out why you keep doing it!
    Right in my fucking ear!
    My nung!
    Anus! Anus! Anus!
    I like the anus more than the balls these days, what about you?
    Stop man, my friend is out.
    Stop right there, right there, yeah, that’s good, good for my back, I said stop THERE, no not more not lower not in not inside not INSIDE not up THERE!
    Hey Larsen, is this the right place?
    the precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect
    Hey Larsen why they call you Body Snatcher?
    Hey, Larsen where you go?
    the precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect
    Me? They only went up and down, see here, up and down in these precise spots
    from here, just above my hip, up the side, to here, this armpit, the hair singed why it’s gone, they kept like playing the flute, stopping a second or two only, finally they saw where the skin broke, when the skin finally broke, someone started taking notes then, see where the pus is, it goes all the way down to the bone, or a bone, maybe this one goes to the other side I’m afraid to look, and then they brought me here with the rest and shot me in the back of the head like the rest and the boss was saying like he memorized it which even you can tell is not how we speak: El dolor preciso, en el lugar preciso, en la cantidad precisa, para el efecto deseado. Come on , man, this is not church…

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  4. What a unique catalogue. I compared Vardeman’s book to one of my Signet Classics and realized Vardeman’s was smaller. Why have so few publishers utilized pocket-appropriate dimensions? I think it is typical in Japan due to commuter trains. The fonts and design have been quite readable thus far.

    The buried manuscript list is endless. After the anthological novel, how about an anthology or stories, essays, interviews or translations? Just throwing ideas out there.

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    1. It’s going to get more unique. Wait til you see the next one.
      The anthological novel is in terms of sequence only about a quarter done. The material ready brings it near three quarters. So that’s still a long-term project. The next big money project is printing the two big Brossard novels. I can’t even think past that because there is no telling how much selling I’m going to do and it all depends on that. But hold on to your ideas, and stay active here if you are so inclined.

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